Side view of a white Clawg V2 on a paw
Front view of a black Clawg V2 on a paw
Pair of white Clawgs V2 and a pouch
Pair of black Clawgs V2 and a pouch
Side view of a dog wearing white Clawgs V2 on two front paws and black Clawgs V2 on two back paws

Clawgs V2

One Pair (Two Clawgs)
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Claws Stick Out

What would you want your paw wear to look like if you had paws and claws?

Claws are a great asset for dogs. They help dogs grip and stabalize. We want to enhance dogs' abilities, not take them away!

Clawgs lets claws through openings and hold securely onto toes. Don't let your dogs' claws ram against the front of traditional dog boots and be pressed downwards, the opposite direction they press earth.

By letting claws through openings and holding onto toes, Clawgs fit tighter, which is more comfortable than loose fitting clown shoes. Dogs walk naturally in Clawgs within seconds!

Flexible Sole

Dogs need to get a feel for the ground to instantly walk similarly to how they would without shoes. Dogs don’t seem to like thick, stiff, heavy soles.

Dew Claw Friendly

Many dogs have dew claws that grow on the inside of their legs. Traditional dog boots attach on or above dew claws, which causes dew claws to press and rub against dogs' legs, which is irritating and may make them bleed. Clawgs’ straps rest below dew claws.


Although dogs primarily pant to cool down, their paws sweat. Insufficient dog shoe breathability can cause irritation, rashes, blisters, fungus, and infections. Moisture easily escapes through Clawgs’ claw openings.

Tread Grips Slick Surfaces

Don’t tell them we said this, but dogs’ paws aren’t great at gripping on slick surfaces. The tread beneath Clawgs' soles enhances dogs' gripping ability without taking away their natural gripping ability - digging claws into the ground.

Clawgs are a great solution for senior dogs or dogs with hip issues to be able to confidently walk on slick surfaces again.

Boost dogs' confidence while walking through grocery stores, airports, over wooden, tile, or linoleum floors, or any other slick surfaces.

Easily and Quietly Open and Close Buckle

Clawgs V2 opens down the middle with our custom buckle. Clawgs open wide to make putting on and removing Clawgs simple. Most would agree that Clawgs V2 is easier to put on than shoving paws into small openings.

Free Ankle Range Of Motion

We aim to place Clawgs' heel straps on dogs' ankles' pivot lines, which seems like the ideal place to ensure a proper fit regardless of ankle angle.

Hold On Tight!

Clawgs heel straps hold tightly around dogs 'heels'. They stay on by hugging around dogs' 'heel pads (metacarpal / metatarsal pads), which protrude further than their legs. When the heel straps are properly tightened, Clawgs stay on.

Six Adjustable Straps

There are lots of paw shapes and sizes and we want to Clawg them all! From narrow and short pawed Greyhounds, to wide pawed Bulldogs, and large knuckled Great Danes and Boxers.

To get the proper fit everywhere for everyone, dog shoes need lots of adjustable.

Each Clawg has two heel straps and four toe straps. That way, Clawgs are completely customizable to properly fit dogs' unique paws.

Stretchy Toe Straps

Many dogs paws almost touch each other as they pass while dogs are walking. Therefore, we don't want shoes to extend far beyond the sides of toes.

However, side toes spread far. To hug toes closely but allow toes to spread, elastic toe straps are required.

Stitch and Trim Excess Toe Straps

When you're confident that your Clawgs are tightened correctly for your dog, you can hand stitch the excess front toe straps to the excess side toe straps. Then, trim the excess straps to create a prettier looking pair.

Comes with a Drawstring Bag

We love the idea of your dog wearing Clawgs only when needed. The best way to do that is to give you a place to store Clawgs between uses.

Sold in pairs (two Clawgs)

Most dogs' back paws are smaller than their front paws. By distributing Clawgs in pairs, dogs get perfectly fitting pawwear on all paws.

Two Color Options

There are several strategies for selecting Clawg colors.

It's unlikely that you'll tighten straps the same for front paws and back paws, even if your dog wears the same size Clawgs on all paws. Selecting different colored Clawgs for one dog is an easy way to identify the Clawgs that are tightened to fit your dogs' front paws and the Clawgs that are tightened to fit your dogs' back paws.

Match Clawgs' color to your dogs' paw color as closely as possible so Clawgs are not distracting in your dogs' peripheral vision.

White Clawgs radiate heat less than black Clawgs during hot summer days while black Clawgs radiate more heat for cold winter days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Breed(s):: English springer spaniel
Clawgs Size(s):: 9
Absolutely Brilliant!

I ordered V2 & V3 versions because my dog had sores on the underside of her paws which she’s having vet treatment for.
I used the videos on Facebook & YouTube for guidance on how to size them correctly & adjust them which I found really helpful!
The V2 are so much better than any boot or sock I’ve tried. Easy to adjust & my dog was so much more comfortable in them.
They’re tough but very flexible, not bulky like other boots but give just the right protection for her paws.
I ordered both versions but personally I prefer the V3 as they’re easier to get on & off & the buckle is slightly higher. But I still think the V2 are great!
Both versions are leaps ahead of any footwear I’ve tried on my dog. Everything else just falls off, causes sores or makes her walk awkwardly. Clawgs are amazing, no sores, my dog walked & ran normally straight away & best of all they actually stay on! Thank you clawgs!!

Laura Shaw
Breed(s):: Dachshund
Clawgs Size(s):: V2 4&5
Best shoes for dogs

I like the V3 better than the V2 but they both are great dog shoes

Kailla Fleck
Breed(s):: German shepherd , Australian Cattle dog
Clawgs Size(s):: 5, 6

Purchased these shoes for my service dog about a year ago. Though I didn’t get to use them long before my dog chewed them off her feet in the car I did like them for the day I got to use them. They are difficult to properly fit to your dogs feet and I did have issues with them falling off a few times but that seemed to be a common issue with shoes on her feet.

Breed(s):: Miniature Goldendoodle
Neat Doggie Shoes

These shoes/booties are so great! Unfortunately, we couldn't get the sizing right for my dog, but Sledd was so helpful! My dog hates his normal boots due to his dew claws, so the Clawgs are a really awesome alternative. I am really looking forward to the next version!

Paolo C.
Breed(s):: Weimaraner
Clawgs Size(s):: 9 and 10 I believe

Cutting edge design, well thought out, taking into account a dogs anatomy. Far easier for my dog to walk in. Bravo