CLAWGS Sizing Guides & Demonstration Videos

Heel pad height matters

We measure paws differently than dog boot companies. Please view the Sizing Guides AND Demonstration Videos below. Easily overlooked nuances result in CLAWGS that are too small.

Bend wrists / ankles

We want to 'try on Clawgs' while paws are in their standing position, but it's more easily done while dogs are laying on their sides.

That's right, try on CLAWG LENGTHS rather than measuring paws. Your dogs' CLAWG length should fully cover front pads while paws are bent and toes are spread to their maximum length.

measure front and back paws

Many dogs' back paws are smaller than their front paws. It's normal for one dog to wear two different sizes. By distributing CLAWGS in pairs (two) rather than sets of four, dogs can get the best fitting CLAWGS on all paws, with your help, of course.

We're happy to help too! Contact us with images on Instagram , Facebook , or email to ask for our sizing opinion.

Printable Strips

If you have a printer and scissors, please use the sizing guide below that matches your paper size. Also, please view the demonstration video.

Letter Size Paper - Printable Strips Sizing Guide

Legal Size Paper - Printable Strips Sizing Guide

DIN / ISO A4 Size Paper - Printable Strips Sizing Guide

Flexible Measuring Tape

If you have a flexible measuring tape, or “tailor’s tape”, please use the following sizing guide. Also, please view the demonstration video.

Flexible Measuring Tape Sizing Guide

Rigid Measuring Tape And String (Or Dental Floss)

If you have a rigid measuring tape and string (or dental floss), please use the following guide. Also, please view the demonstration video.

Rigid Measuring Tape And String Sizing Guide


If you can't decide between two sizes, select the larger size. The worst case scenario for selecting one size larger than necessary is that the front claws may contact CLAWGS' soft fabric and rubber sole rather than the ground, which doesn't sound bad. Whereas selecting one size too small will result in front pads touching the ground rather than the sole, which is a problem. It may also cause CLAWGS to slide back between toes, which is an even bigger problem.

Please use our returns portal to exchange sizes if you receive CLAWGS that don't fit your dog.

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