Clawgs V2 Instructions

Dogs are counting on us to put on the correct sizes and properly adjust the straps. With six or eight adjustment points per Clawg, there's a lot to cover to properly wrap paws.

Please familiarize yourself with Clawgs before attempting to put them on your dog.

Fasten and unfasten the buckles.

Heel Straps' Three Configurations:

When heel straps are only in the first buckle loop, the strap lengths can be easily adjusted.

When heel straps are in the first buckle loop and the notch between buckle loops, strap lengths are held relatively well but are adjustable by pulling heel straps hard.

When heel straps zig zag through buckles' loops, it is not possible to tighten or loosen the straps. This is the "locked in" position

How To Put Clawgs V2 On For The First Time:

Step 1 (All sizes)

With toe straps loosened, wrap heel straps above the bone prominence (on legs' sides near paw tops) and below dew claws, then fasten the buckle.

Pull both heel straps firmly around leg and secure the heel straps in the notch. Then, unfasten buckles and remove Clawgs from legs without adjusting heel strap lengths. Then, zig zag heel straps through the buckles' two heel strap loops and put Clawgs back on.


Excess heel straps should point forward (toward toes) under buckles' finger tabs.

Pull the excess heel straps tight so there is no slack between the two buckle loops. If there's excess heel strap slack between the two buckle loops, it'll slide through the first buckle loop, which loosens Clawgs and may cause them to fall off.

Step 2 (Sizes 1-6)

If front toes aren't wrapped in Clawgs' front straps, pull Clawg's front edge forward.

Step 2 (Sizes 7-12)

Adjust sliders to be on or below front knuckles and above front claws.

If it's difficult to adjust the slider while Clawgs are on paws, note the adjustments you'd like to make, remove the Clawgs, adjust the slider, then put Clawgs back on.

Step 3 (Sizes 1-6)

While dogs' are standing on a solid surface with Clawgs on paws, pull each excess front strap until the front straps hug the front of dogs' front toe pads. Excess front straps are the two middle straps that exit the buckles' fronts.

Step 3 (Sizes 7-12)

While dogs' are standing on a solid surface with Clawgs on paws, pull each excess front strap until the slider moves back against front knuckles. Excess front straps are the two middle straps that exit the buckles' fronts.

Step 4 (All Sizes)

Center Clawgs on paws while focusing on side toes' positions with respect to Clawgs' sole. Clawgs' sides should be positioned to cover the front sides of side toes.

Step 5 (All Sizes)

Pull both side straps until they gently hug the front sides of both side toes.


The side strap elasticity is meant to let side toes spread, not squeeze toes from the side. Dogs don't like their paws squeezed from the sides.

Go for a walk!

It's normal for dogs to instinctually try to remove the weird things their person just put on their paws for the first time.

To make them ignore the Clawgs and see the benefits, put a leash on your dog and go for a walk.

How To Assess Sizes:

Always assess sizes while dogs are standing on a solid surface. Toes and claws retreat into Clawgs when dogs sit and lay.

Clawgs front edge should rest between front pads and front claws. Front toe pads should contact Clawgs sole but front claw tips should not.

It is normal for one or both side claws to contact the sole rather than the ground.

Clawgs' sole is extended under side toes and claws out of an abundance of caution. We'd rather side claws contact the sole than side toe pads contact the ground.

If claw use is a priority for your dog, please view Clawgs V2 tips to see how to trim the excess sole under side claws.

How To Fix Common Strap Adjustment Mistakes:

If Clawgs fall off, slightly tighten the heel straps by pulling one or two additional edge stitches through both buckle sides. Ensure the excess heel straps point forward (toward toes) under buckles' finger tabs. Pull all slack between the two buckle loops through the second buckle loop.

If toes slide through front claw openings, lower sliders (sizes 7-12), but make sure the slider doesn't press front claws.

If Clawgs rotate off center, tighten front straps to push sliders against front knuckles. This pushes paws back to set dogs' heels into Clawgs' heels.

Centering Clawgs, then slightly tightening side straps to gently hold dogs' front sides of side toes before activities also helps keep Clawgs centered.

Overtightening side straps is the number one reason why dogs are uncomfortable in Clawgs. It is better to leave side straps too loose rather than too tight.

Heel straps do not need to be adjusted again once they are properly adjusted.

On sizes 7-12, front straps may loosen while opening Clawgs wide. Therefore, ensure the slider gently holds front knuckles while dogs are standing on a solid surface every time you put Clawgs on. Pull front straps if necessary.

Side straps should not need to be adjusted again after the initial adjustment. However, please center Clawgs on paws every time you put them on. They typically stay centered well when they start centered.

Need help? Want a second sizing and strap adjustment opinion?

Contact us with photos of your dog standing in Clawgs on a solid surface. Please identify the sizes that are on each paw.