Many dogs' front paws are longer than their back paws. It's common for one dog to wear two sizes. By selling CLAWGS in packs of two, dogs can have properly fitting CLAWGS on all four paws.

There are also situations where dogs only need Clawgs on one pair of paws. For instance, dogs with hind leg mobility problems may only need Clawgs on their back paws. People with trail dogs may notice that their dog's front paws get scuffed up frequently but their back paws stay healthy.

This wasn't an issue while testing, but we know it's possible. Please supervise your dog while it's wearing CLAWGS and remove and inspect CLAWGS if your dog shows signs of discomfort.

Yes - the two identical sized CLAWGS are the same. You can use a CLAWG on a single paw and save the second CLAWG as a spare.

No. Clawgs are made out of silicone rubber bonded to elastic fabric with plastic buckles.

Clawgs have worked well on the double dew clawed dogs we've tested them on. On some double dew clawed dogs, a dew claw may rest inside the CLAWG, but the dogs we've tested CLAWGS on seemed comfortable with it. There may be some dogs with double dew claws at the ideal heel strap location, which may be problematic. Be cautious and reach out to us or your vet if you have concerns.