CLAWGS Features

Claw openings

When we put ourselves in dogs' shoes, we imagine that it doesn't feel good for claws to be pressed downwards during each step, which happens in traditional dog boots. By letting claws through openings and holding onto toes, CLAWGS fit tighter, which is more comfortable for dogs. Dogs deserve better than loose fitting clown shoes.

Flexible Sole

Dogs need to get a feel for the ground to walk naturally and comfortably. They don’t seem to like thick, stiff soles.

Dewclaw Friendly

Many dogs have dewclaws that grow on the inside of their legs. Traditional dog boots attach on or above dewclaws, which causes dewclaws to press and rub against dogs' legs, which is irritating and may make them bleed. CLAWGS’ heel straps rest below dewclaws.


Although dogs do not sweat to cool down, their paws do sweat. Insufficient pawwear breathability can cause irritation, rashes, blisters, fungus, and infections. Moisture escapes through CLAWGS’ claw openings.

Tread Grips slick surfaces

Don’t tell them we said this, but dogs’ paws aren’t great at gripping on slick surfaces. The tread beneath CLAWGS' soles enhances dogs' gripping ability without taking away their natural gripping ability - digging claws into the ground. Boost your dogs' confidence while walking through grocery stores, airports, over wooden floors, or any other slick surfaces.

Buckle Opens and closes quietly

CLAWGS open down the middle with our custom buckle. There's no obnoxiously loud Velcro ripping open here! Peacefully put CLAWGS on and remove them without your dog associating loud noises with them.

Free ankle range of motion

We aim to place CLAWGS heel straps on dogs' ankles' pivot lines, which seems like the ideal place to ensure a proper fit regardless of ankle angle.

Hold on tight

CLAWGS heel straps hold tightly around dogs heels. They stay on by hugging around dogs' heel (metacarpal / metatarsal) pads, which protrude further than their legs. When the heel straps are properly tighten, CLAWGS should stay on.

six adjustable straps

There are lots of paw shapes and sizes and we want to CLAWG them all! To get the proper fit everywhere, we need adjustable straps everywhere. Each CLAWG has two heel straps and four toe straps. That way, CLAWGS are completely customizable to properly fit your dogs' unique paws.

Stretchy toe straps

Because CLAWGS sole is made out of elastic silicone rubber bonded to elastic fabric, we can tighten CLAWGS to hold paws well while still allowing toes to spread.


When you're confident that your CLAWGS are tightened correctly for your dog, you can hand stitch the excess front toe straps to the excess side toe straps. Then, trim the excess straps to create a prettier looking pair.

Comes with drawstring bag

We love the idea of your dog wearing CLAWGS . The best way to do that is to give you a place to store CLAWGS between uses.

Two color options

We think it's best to match CLAWGS' color to your dogs' paw color as closely as possible. That way, CLAWGS are not distracting in your dogs' peripheral vision.

It's unlikely that you'll tighten straps the same for front paws and back paws, even if your dog wears the same size CLAWGS on all paws. Selecting different colored CLAWGS for one dog is an easy way to identify the CLAWGS that are tightened to fit your dogs' front paws and the CLAWGS that are tightened to fit your dogs' back paws.

Packs of two

Many dogs’ back paws are smaller than their front paws. By distributing CLAWGS in packs of two, we are able to give your dog the best fitting CLAWGS for all four paws. It's common for one dog to wear two CLAWGS sizes.

$10 off / pair until 10/10