Clawgs. The only pawwear designed from the claw up.

Clawgs account for the fact that dogs have claws.

Can you imagine what's happening inside basic dog booties?

In traditional dog boots, claws are pressed downward when ramming against boot fronts because claws curve downward.

Dog boots & booties press claws in the opposite direction that claws press earth!


The front of basic dog boots do not touch toe fronts. They only touch claw tips.

The sole extends far beyond toes and even past claws in loose fitting dog clown shoes.

Clawgs enhance dogs abilities without taking away their natural abilities.

In Clawgs, claws aren't pressed down.

In Clawgs, dew claws aren't squeezed against legs.

In Clawgs, dogs don't freeze and refuse to walk like they're stuck in cement.

In Clawgs, dogs don't high step like they've joined the circus.

Dogs Walk Naturally in SECONDS!

Clawgs aim to fully protect pads but not contact front claws while dogs are standing.

12 sizes ensures every unique paw can be properly protected with enhanced grip.

Boots are for people.

Booties are for infants.

Clawgs are for dogs.

Wrap the Paws


Free the Claws